Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer

The share of thyroid cancer in the world there are only about 1-2% of all cancer. Thyroid cancer usually appears as a node (bump) or the tuberosity of the thyroid gland. However, more than 90% of thyroid nodules are benign. This disease is accompanied by a slight pain or painless. Most thyroid cancer is easily treated promptly. Death from thyroid cancer occurs rarely. For most types of thyroid cancer apply new and effective methods of diagnosis and treatment. In children, it is extremely rare, whereas in people older than 60 years, the nodal form of cancer can be detected in half of cases. Among persons aged 40 years, the frequency of recorded cancer sites increased by 10% in each subsequent decade.

Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer

The reason for this cancer is not certain. A role in the occurrence of thyroid cancer is given iodine deficiency, immunity disorders, as well as ionizing radiation (external radiation or receiving radioactive iodine).

Irradiation of children, including prenatal, dramatically increases the incidence of thyroid cancer. The reason is that the radioactive iodine accumulates in the thyroid gland, which in fetal life and in childhood is much more sensitive to irradiation. In adults, this trend is much less pronounced, because for tumor development requires much higher doses and time for the manifestation of pathology. Previous illnesses in the vast majority of patients are benign neoplasms of the thyroid gland. It is also not excluded the factor of heredity.

Types of thyroid cancer

According to the degree of malignancy of thyroid cancer is divided into three groups:

Tumors of low malignant (or potentially malignant). These include papillary adenoma, which are particularly prone to malignancy. Despite the benign structure, they have the ability to ingrowth of blood vessels and repeated relapses.

Tumors of the average degree of malignancy. This is a developing malignancy in the papillary adenocarcinoma papillary adenoma and malignant adenoma.

High negative shape - small cell and anaplastic thyroid cancer, and sarcoma of the thyroid gland of various structures, including lymph sarcoma.

International classification of tumors of the thyroid gland highlights:
  • Epithelial benign tumors
  • Epithelial tumors
  • Non-epithelial tumors
Allocate the following histological forms of cancer:
  • Papillary (76%)
  • Follicular (14%)
  • Medullary (5-6%)
  • Undifferentiated and anaplastic carcinoma (about 3,5-4%)
Sarcoma, lymphoma, fibro sarcoma, squamous cell carcinoma, metastatic carcinoma is 1-2% of all malignant neoplasms of the thyroid gland.

It was the histological type of cancer is of great prognostic significance. Papillary and mixed forms have the best prognosis and benign course. Other species have a significantly worse prognosis. Further, the degree of risk should be follicular carcinoma. Particularly aggressive lymphoma and anaplastic carcinoma, which is usually lethal within 5 months from the onset.

Consider in detail the histological forms of thyroid cancer. We first introduce the concept of highly differentiated cancer. Highly differentiated cancer - a tumor, which at first glance looks like a normal background tissue (in this case as the thyroid tissue).There are two types of highly differentiated thyroid cancer: papillary and follicular. Highly differentiated thyroid cancers constitute about 90% of all malignant lesions of the thyroid gland and usually have an excellent prognosis. It is unknown what causes the growth of highly differentiated cancers, but more likely they come from people who in childhood were treated with X-rays at the increase in the tonsils, increase in the thymus, acne, and sometimes for other malignant lesions. It should be noted that conventional X-ray diagnostic studies (chest X-ray, the teeth) may cause thyroid cancer.

With the increasing change in living habits there are many diseases which are nowadays seen in different parts of the world. There are some deadly diseases which have occurred and scientists all over world are working day and night to search for medicine for such deadly diseases. One such disease is anaplastic thyroid cancer. This is one disease which is having very less living rate and is very dangerous. Normally people who are suffering from these diseases are not able to survive for more than 10 years.

There are large numbers of organizations that are working for treatment of patients who are suffering from anaplastic thyroid cancer. These organizations are using various different techniques like biopsy to treat these patients. There is several numbers of reasons that are responsible for occurrence of this deadly disease. It is generally found in those patients who are in practice of high intake of toxic substances.

These in toxic substance are very harmful for human body and hence people should avoid taking these substances. There are large numbers of government organization which are working to make people aware about effects that these substances have on human body. People should make themselves aware about these harmful effects that are caused by these substances.

In some countries even these substances are banned but somehow people who are addicted to them manage to get them. There are several websites to which you can refer to get an idea about what all products which can cause these harmful effects. On these websites you can also find links to various websites of different hospitals which you can visit for treatment of this deadly disease.This cancer is basically related to your throat and has number of reasons associated with it. There are several symptoms which you will notice if you are having any such problem. Detection of these cancers is basically done with help of a mechanism that is known as biopsy. In this a piece of your skin is cut from your body. Then this portion is kept for observation that whether these cancer bacteria are there in your skin or not. If these bacteria are found in this part of skin then your cancer is detected and then you should immediately start your treatment.

The basic thing about thyroid cancer is that you have to get the infection cleared out from your body using chemolasty or other medical check to get too know about this you should that your bilscopy from professional doctor.



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