Thyroid Problems In Children

Thyroid gland secretes a hormone known as thyroxin. The gland, when becomes overactive overproduces the thyroxin hormone and thus causes a situation known as hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism is also known as Graves' disease. Thyroid problems in children slightly differ from that of in adults. Swollen thyroid glands, goiters and bulging eyes are some common thyroid problems in children. Bulging eyes is a condition in which it is difficult to close the eyelids completely. The problem leads to vision problems too.

There are various potential causes of an overactive thyroid gland in children. Some possible causes include congenital hypothyroidism (CH), transient congenital hypothyroidism (TCH), acquired hypothyroidism, and thyroid cancer. CH is a problem mostly in infants due to some developmental abnormality of fetus. In case of TCH, the fetus may get the problem, if mother is getting the treatment of Graves' disease during pregnancy. Autoimmune diseases can cause the teens to get thyroid problems. Frequent exposure to radiation can damage the cells leading to thyroid cancer. Genetic mutations can also be a reason of thyroid cancer.
There are few warning signs of hyperthyroidism in children that help in early diagnosis of thyroid problem in children. Early diagnosis can increase the chances of quick recovery greatly. Parents may see changes in sleep habits of children that indicates thyroid problem in their kid. The duration of sleep may be increased or they find trouble in sleeping at night. Changes in sleep patterns may require the kid to see a doctor to get the condition diagnosed. Rapid changes in weight are also possible in thyroid disorders. There may be stunted growth along with weight gain. The child must be seen by the pediatrician immediately. Rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, frontal bossing, and feeding problems are also some signs of overactive thyroid in children.

Thyroid problem can be treated with medication successfully. The medication reduces the production of thyroxin hormone. If you see any signs and symptoms of thyroid problem in children you must take your child to the pediatrician immediately to seek his advice. If there is some thyroid associated problem suspected the doctor may recommend some blood test to evaluate the condition. Blood test will help evaluating the hormone level in blood of child. Antithyroid medications are then suggested by the doctor. In case if there is some serious condition the thyroid gland may need to be removed completely. Radioiodine is another way to cure the problem. As the thyroid gland is crucial for child's growth the problems need to be addressed and cured quickly.