Diffuse Toxic Goiter Or Graves' Disease

At the early stage the disease may be not apparent. The symptoms are diverse that makes toxic goiter or Graves' disease is characterized by increased thyroid hormones production. The thyroid gland grows in size due to autoimmune processes. Autoimmune diseases are caused by the immune system disorders when the body produces substances that damage own cells. In the case of diffuse toxic goiter the lymphocytes produce protein that stimulates the thyroid gland.

Diagnostics of diffuse toxic goiter are difficult. At the beginning of the disease patient can suffer from sleep disorders, emotional instability, sweating heavily, heart rate disorders, palpitation, fingers tremor. More specific thyroid symptoms are quick weight loss when eating normally and being constantly hot even in cold weather.

With the time tremor of the fingers becomes more apparent. Tremor of other body parts can be also observed. The patients are hyper active and have watery skin. All the skin become dark-complected, especially the skin around the eyes. The thyroid gland is enlarged and visible. When palpated it feels solid and not painful.

Specific Graves' disease symptom is changing eyes. The eyes are shining, they are widely opened with reduced blinking frequency. The eyeballs are enlarged and protruded. The eyelids may be dropsical. Due to decreased blood supply to the eyeballs infections may occur leading to eyes inflamations. It may end up in blindness.

(Source: http://hypothyroidismsymptoms.net/diffuse-toxic-goiter-or-graves-disease)


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