Thyroid Disease Symptoms

There are many adults that are afflicted from hypothyroidism symptoms and thyroid disease symptoms. The symptoms of thyroid problems are very often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. The symptoms of thyroid problems are shown in 1-2 percent of men and 10-20 percent of women in the USA. The hypothyroidism (also known as underactive thyroid or low thyroid) is the most widespread type of thyroid dysfunction.

This is working in the following way: there is an excessive slowing of the thyroid function and as a result, the body's metabolism is slowing down more than it is supposed to. When this happens some hypothyroidism symptoms appeared: fatigue, depression and weight gain. There might be other symptoms (sensitivity to cold and heat, obesity, memory loss, and lack of interest), but they might come out not related.

The hormone imbalance is the reason why the hypothyroidism symptoms appear. The thyroid gland is producing hormones that are vital for the body's metabolism. The most common thyroid problems are tumors, hyperthyroidism, and hypothyroidism. But we have to remember that the thyroid nodules or lumps are not always cancerous. The symptoms connected to this disease are revealing very slow. That is the reason why the illness is constantly misdiagnosed.

The problem with thyroid is established mostly in women than men. Middle-aged women are more predisposed to thyroid problems. The level of thyroxine in the body of every person which is diagnosed with hypothyroidism, is low. The treatment depends on the thyroid hormone pill form. The treatment usually includes different doses and it is a commitment for life.

One of the most effective treatments of hyperthyroidism is the radioactive iodine. In this treatment, piece of the thyroid gland is destroyed in order to decrease the quantity of thyroxine. There are some drugs which are used for thyroid problems treatment but most of them have very earnest side effects.


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